Christmas Music

Arranged by Lou Harrison from original versions for organ, for chorus and chamber ensemble, and for voice and piano (sc and pts for rent)

(Note: Complete work is available from Merion by special arrangement.) 

The Celestial Country

Text from Henry Alford's hymn, "Forward! Be Our Watchword" (1871) 
Ives Society critical edition of full score in prep for sale (pf/vo red for sale; sc and pts for rent) 
(Baritone aria "Naught that Country Needeth" and tenor aria "Forward into Light" also available in 114 Songs and Sacred Songs)

Collected Organ Works

"Adeste Fideles" in an Organ Prelude 
Burlesque Postlude in C 
Canzonetta in F 
Fugue in C Minor 
Fugue in E-flat 
Interludes for Hymns 
Variations on "America" 
(plus appendixes) 
Ives Society critical edition in prep.

Variations on "America"

Edited by E. Power Biggs (published with "Adeste Fideles" in an Organ Prelude; 
Ives Society critical edition in prep) 
Ives Society critical edition of Ives's early version in prep. 
(see also Orchestra for version by William Schuman and Band for transcription by William Rhoads from Schuman's version.)