About the Charles Ives Society

The Charles Ives Society was activated in 1973. The aim of the Society is to advance the preparation and publication of critical editions of music by Charles Ives—editions rigorously faithful to authentic sources and also suitable for performance.

Since 1973, the Ives Society has been generously supported by grants from the American Academy of Arts and Letters, out of a fund established by the will of Harmony Twichell Ives (the composer's widow) "for furtherance of the publication and performance of the music and other works of . . . Charles E. Ives." Private individuals have also contributed to the work of the Society, and in 1983 it received a substantial bequest according to the wills of Rhoda and Vladimir Lakond. Mr. Lakond was a pioneer publisher of Ives's music as an executive of the Peer–Southern Organization.

The Society is a 501c3 nonprofit organization but it is not a membership organization. We share information on performances, publications, recordings, awards and other news concerning Ives and his music through our Facebook page and Twitter feed. Please register with us if you would like to receive periodic newsletters from the Charles Ives Society.

The Ives Society works in close cooperation with the Music Library of Yale University, which houses the Charles Ives Papers, and the publishers of Ives's music: Associated Music Publishers, C. F. Peters Corporation, Helicon Music Corporation, MJQ Music, Mobart Music Publications, Peer International Corporation, and Theodore Presser Company.

General Inquiries
Gayle Sherwood Magee, President
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Information on Critical Editions
James B. Sinclair, Executive Editor
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c/o Donald Berman, Vice President and Treasurer
Granoff Music Center
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Board of Directors

John Adams John Heiss Vivian Perlis,
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Robert Hurwitz Joel Sachs
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Gunther Schuller
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